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Bill Brandt, photographer

When I  saw Bill Brandt’s picture Halifax I took to his work immediately, however it was when I saw his other work that I fell in love with him. His range of subjects is so varied and yet he mastered each subject he took on: nudes, abstracts, portraits, landscapes. Versatility is a thing I admire in an artist being it in a range of subjects like with Brandt or  in both subjects and tools like the works of Gerhard Richter.

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Some glass and Giorgio Morandi

I came upon a picture of some glass jars by Elizabeth Lyons on tumblr. Stunning as they are they reminded me of another work I’d seen this weekend when watching a documentary: a still life by Giorgio Morandi.

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Arthur Rackham: lines and colours

Alice in Wonderland

When you come across the same name 3 times in one day it has to be a sign. After coming across Arthur Rackham on Twitter and Pinterest I found one of his illustrations when leafing through a book. His works bring  back memories of a fairy tale book I had as a kid, making me wonder if he illustrated it.  Yet at the same time some of his  images remind me of the paintings of Jan Toorop.  These two connotations of dreamlikes fairy tales and haunting stories are not arbitrary when you take a closer look at his work and the books he illustrated.

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Luzinterruptus, art made by light

Literature versus traffic in Melbourne

Luzinterruptus is an artistic group based in Madrid. The two members  remain anonymous but what we do know is that they come from different backgrounds i.e. art and photography. Basically the name tells us what they are about: interruptions (of city life) using light.

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Hiroshi Yoshida

Hiroshi yoshide

Today on Pinterest I came across some amazing woodblock printings from an artist I didn’t recognise. It struck me that, altho they reminded me of Hiroshige, when looking closer they looked more modern. The artist who made them is Hiroshi Yoshida.

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Find of the day… what is it about

All the time we come across new stuff on the web and most people will look at these things or give it a listen and move on. But that is, in my opinion, neglecting the possibilities  the internet and tools such as pinterest, tumblr,…. offer us  to  learn something new each day.  I love learning about new things and I want to share what I find with a bit more dept than just a post of a picture somewhere. So I’ll look into one item a day and write about it on this blog, even if it’s just a few lines.

Apart from these posts that I will occasionally blog about other (art) subjects that interest me, tho I decided to keep my film blog separate.

About this blog

So i guess the first post is always the most awkward. I’ve wanted to write a blog again for ages, but it never took off. Long time ago I blogged on xanga, nothing spectacular, just daily things, so I wanted something a bit more substantial this time. Mind this is not meant to be a deep nor an academic type blog although I hope I won’t just be rambling about or just swooning about stuff I like.

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