Luzinterruptus, art made by light

Literature versus traffic in Melbourne

Luzinterruptus is an artistic group based in Madrid. The two members  remain anonymous but what we do know is that they come from different backgrounds i.e. art and photography. Basically the name tells us what they are about: interruptions (of city life) using light.

We left our sparkles of light lit… for others to turn off for us…

Little birds inhabiting scaffolding

The main idea behind all their works is the use of light to focus people´s attention on problems  found in the city  that seem to go unnoticed to the authorities and citizens. An example of this is Bottles against the Olympic Games, one of their latest installations. It is a protest against the Madrid bid for the 2020 Olympics and the impact this would have on the city’s citizens. Just like their other works it points out the proble without being subversive.  Also typical for their interventions  is that their impact on the place where they are held is fleeting as they just add their bags filled with light, water,… to the scene and don’t change the existing setting itself.

Inverted Shadows

Luzinterruptus document their installations on their website (both in Spanish and English). Not just the implemented projects such as Pharmacy herbs or  Little birds inhabiting scaffolding can be found here but also the unrealized ones. One of these I’d love to see at the Eindhoven Glow festival. It’s called Inverted Shadows and its preliminary sketches remind me of German expressionistic films. The idea behind the proposal  is “to bring the shadows back to the city in order to convert the street into a mysterious and dreamlike place for a few days, where nothing is what it seems.”

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