In Greek mythology Mnemosyne was the personification of memory and the mother of the nine muses.  Somehow this name seemed to fit my blog like a glove. Not only have I always been intrigued by the use and portraying of memory in art, also this blog wants to focus on different themes:

  • art
  • animation-comics
  • books
  • film
  • television

This blog is by no means an academic blog, just the thoughts of someone on  a variety of subjects.  You can find all posts on a particular theme clustered together in the menu.

Some words about me. I’m Nancy. I’m 41 years old and, although I’m originally from Belgium, I live in The Netherlands. Long time ago I studied English, Dutch and linguistics. After working for 12 years I decided I needed a change and went back to university where I first got a master’s degree in Cultural Studies and recently one in Film Studies and Visual Culture as well. My main interests are well covered by the themes I picked but my main interest at the moment goes to animation and comics.

I really hope people will come and read this blog and maybe even like it and leave a note…


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